Sponsor Acknowledgement

We would like to thank the following for their financial contributions. Their generousity supports two student interns and brings to the North Coast the most current look at the local economy. The on-going support from our sponsoring business partners is essential to our continued operation.

Sponsors photo 1

Left to right: Lisa Landry, Human Resources Coast Central Credit Union; Dennis Hunter, Marketing VP Coast Central Credit Union; Erick Eschker, Index Director; Fred Moore, CFO Redwood Capital Bank.

Sponsors photo 2

Left to right: Denise Rogers CEO and Bill McClendon, Board Member, California State and Federal Employees Credit Union #20.

Sponsors photo 3

Left to right: Erick Eschker, Umpqua Bank's Marina Shibanova, Songmi Sweet, and Jeff Richardson.


Sponsoring Business Partners, 2017-2018


coast central

Compass Credit Union

redwood capital bank

umpqua bank

We would also like to thank Jan Mueller for her generous individual financial contribution to the Index.