Humboldt Real Estate Economics

This research is produced by the Department of Economics at Cal Poly Humboldt. We collect data from primary and secondary sources to analyze real estate market conditions in Humboldt County, California. We present a monthly overview of the real estate market and update our data as we receive it. 

News and Forecast

Home Sales Index News
2009 County Update (PowerPoint)
Humboldt County Outlook for 2009, December 2, 2008 (PowerPoint)
The Pain Begins, October 14, 2008 (pdf)
March 12, 2008 panel discussion on the economy with Humboldt Economics facutly and students (mp3)


Humboldt County Research

Listen to the October 5, 2007 KHumboldt radio interview with Prof. Eschker about subprime and housing issues (mp3) 
It's a National Housing Market, September 2007
Monthly Mortgage Up Despite Lower Interest Rates by Erick Eschker, April 2006
Humboldt County Surrounded by Most Overvalued Housing in the Nation by Erick Eschker, December 2005
Is There a Housing Bubble in Humboldt County? The Housing Market in a Rural California Region, 1989-2004, by Erick Eschker and Soren Messner-Zidell, October 2005
Executive Summary October 2005

Other Research

Californian Home Prices are Overvalued by 35-40% from Goldman Sachs, October 2007
Zoning's Steep Price by Glaeser and Gyourko
Most overvalued housing markets from CNN/Money
A Froth-Finding Mission: Detecting U.S. Housing Bubbles by HSBC Global Research (large PDF)
What is a bubble and is this one now? A very intuitive explanation of a housing bubble from Econbrowser 


Real Estate Bubbles and California's Economic Growth, Part 1 Video of lecture by Christopher Thornberg, PhD, and Part 2 and Part 3
Case-Shiller National Housing Indices (look up local house price history)
Realty Trac (look up local foreclosures)
Humboldt Association of Realtors
Rent vs. Buy Calculator 

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