Essays, Reports, and Special Projects

COVID and the Humboldt County Economy through Fall ‘21 presented to CERC September 2021.

Eureka Rotary Economic Update and New Niche Manufacturing, PowerPoint March 2014. 

Redwood Capital Bank Economic Update, PowerPoint January 2014. 

New Manufacturing Sector for the Humboldt Economic Index: Description and Preliminary Findings, April 2013. 

Entrepreneur Survey Report 2012

Entrepreneur Survey Report 2011

Humboldt County Regional Activity, 2000-2010.

August 2009 County Update presented to Humboldt Unitarian Universalist Fellowship. 

December 2008 County Economic Outlook presented to Eureka Old Town Rotary PowerPoint Presentation.  

August 2008 County Foreclosures Update

March 2008 County Economic Outlook (PowerPoint).  By Erick Eschker 

October, 2007 KHumboldt radio interview about subprime and housing issues.

September, 2007 paper on Directions for the Housing Market by Erick Eschker

Humboldt Real Estate Economics A comprehensive source of real estate data, analysis, and resources for the North Coast.

November 2007 Overview of Economy and Forecast (PowerPoint).  By Erick Eschker

Is there a Housing Bubble in Humboldt County?  The Executive Summary and the Full Paper.  There is also an Update which has the latest P/E ratio. By Erick Eschker and Soren Messner-Zidell. 

A Study of the Eureka Gasoline Market:  The Executive Summary (along with a brief note on price gouging) and the Full Paper.  By Erick Eschker and Lara Remke.

The Impact of Cal Poly Humboldt on the Economy of Humboldt County, by Dan Ihara, Alisande Evans, and the Humboldt Department of Economics 

Humboldt County Economy Decade Retrospective, 1994-2004, by Erick Eschker and Jessica Digiambattista

Sectors of the Humboldt Economic Index, by Steve Hackett and John Manning

Estimating Total County Employment for the Humboldt Economic Index: Two Models, by John Manning

A Comparison of Traditional Economic Indicators and Sustainability Indicators, by Deborah Keeth 

A Living Wage in Humboldt County: A Comparative Study of Three Models, by Deborah Keeth 

Retail Sales Ground Truthing Project, by Peter Perrault 

Lumber/Timber Ground Truthing Project, by Peter Perrault 

The Humboldt County Economy: Where Have We Been and Where Are We Going? by Steven Hackett