City of Arcata


North Country Economic Index the only other monthly rural Index in the nation, serving New Hampshire
The Index of Economic Activity from Ithaca College, serving Tompkins County, New York
Census 2000 Demographic Profiles: Pick a state and county and you can get the most recent economic and demographic profile data from the 2000 census.
Data on self-employed people by NAICS industrial sector code.
The Headwaters Fund Grants and loans for county development.
Statistical Profile for Humboldt County (from the upstate california folks): 
County Business Patterns: Census Bureau data for Humboldt County and sub-county units down to zip code.
Census Tract Data: 
Census Bureau Factfinder
Humboldt County Economic and Demographic Data (from 2000 census)
U.S. Census Bureau's American Factfinder (including community-level data)
RAND California Counties Database
Labor Market Data for Humboldt County: 
Humboldt County Economic and Demographic Data 
Humboldt Online Guide: 
Humboldt Association of Realtors: 

State and Regional

Northwestern California Statistics
California State Statistical Abstract
Consumer Price Indices for California, various California metro areas, and the US as a whole
California Economic Indicators: From the CA Dept of Finance. 
U.C. Berkeley Links to the California Economy: 
CA Bd. of Equalization Taxable Sales: Both State and County-level data.
CA Timber Volume and Value (CA Bd. of Equaliz.): 
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis Regional Data (State and County): Economic, Demographic, Environmental, Health, Elections, and Almost Any Other Quantitative Information Pertaining to California!
Economic Indicators for the Pacific Northwest, Broken Out by State and County: 
Multipliers for California: Output and employment multipliers for various CA industries.
Economic Indicators for the State of California: 
California Dep't. of Trade and Commerce Office of Economic Research: 
Califorina Tourism Data: 
"Have Californians Kept Up in the 1990s?" August 25, 2000 article by FRB-San Francisco senior economist Mary Daly.
Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco: 
Income and Consumer Price Information for Selected Metro Areas of California: 
Financial and Statistical Data for the State of California: 
Links to Economic Information for the State of California: 
UCLA Anderson School Economic Forecasting Center (Calif. and U.S. Forecasts): 
Demographic Information for California: 
California Department of Food and Agriculture: 
Regional Economic Data (National Association of Business Economists): 
State and County Tourism Data from the California Division of Tourism:


Federal Reserve Bank of Kansas' Rural Studies Page:A good site with serious papers on rural development.
Economic Statistics Briefing Room (White House): 
EconoMagic: A key source of economic data, with over 100,000 time series.
Economic Report of the President: Council of Economic Advisors. Created on behalf of the U.S. Economic Development Administration (EDA) as a means of providing data users with an electronic gateway to a wide variety of on-line regional socioeconomic data from public and private sources.
Socioeconomic Data for Economic Development, An Assessment 
Regional Multipliers (BEA)
Interactive Input-Output Tables (BEA)
National Association of Business Economists Links to Economic Information: 
Federal Reserve Board's Beige Book: Commentary on current economic conditions, regionally and nationally.
The Conference Board--Access the Index of Leading Economic Indicators and the Consumer Confidence Survey
Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) Database: 
Discussion of the Consumer Price Index: 
St. Louis Federal Reserve Bank--A Source for the US Consumer Price Index: 
Economy at a Glance (from BLS): 
BLS Monthly Labor Review: Key source of statistics and other information on the labor market and on labor economics.
Bureau of Economic Analysis (GDP Data, Survey of Current Business): 
US Census Bureau Home Page: 
Census Data: 
Statistical Abstract of the United States:

International Economic Data

CIA's World Factbook
Economic Performance and Environmental Quality Information Base

Other Useful Sites

Wal Mart research papers on Prof. Stone's webpage
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